It's simple, use what has worked for thousands of years before "Big Lotion" showed up. Ditch the man-made bullsh*t by using a better product, all while supporting local ranchers in the process.

We're taking down "Big Lotion"

Since the era of togas and gladiators, our ancestors used animal-based products in all aspects of life. That all changed when "Big Lotion" came in with their bullsh*t man-made alternatives. It's time to get back to basics.

We support local ranchers

With every purchase, you are supporting local ranchers with the help of The Beef Initiative ( The idea isn't rocket science. We align ourselves with ranchers that take care of their animals, and land in the most sustainable way possible, transforming the current broken system.

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We believe in Bitcoin

As fiat has corrupted the world in more ways then we can imagine, we here at Tallowz have moved to a Bitcoin standard, to help not only grow our reserves, but align ourselves with the values and people that come with being on a hard money standard.